The use of mirrors in Pakistani fashion

use of mirros in pakistani clothes

The use of mirrors in Pakistani fashion

Mirrors have been a popular element in Pakistani fashion for decades. From traditional embroidered dresses to modern fusion wear, mirrors are often incorporated into the design to add a touch of sparkle and elegance.

In traditional Pakistani fashion, mirrors are commonly used in the form of small round or diamond-shaped pieces that are sewn onto fabric in intricate patterns. This type of mirror work is known as “shisha” and it is particularly popular in the regions of Sindh and Punjab. Shisha work is often used on formal wear such as bridal dresses, as well as on every day wear such as tunics and shawls.

One of the most popular forms of mirror work in Pakistani fashion is “gota patti”. This technique involves attaching small pieces of metallic ribbon to fabric to create intricate designs. Mirrors are often incorporated into gota patti work to add extra sparkle and glamour. Gota patti is commonly used on bridal wear and festive attire.

Another popular use of mirrors in Pakistani fashion is in the form of “sequins”. These small, flat discs are often made of plastic or metal and are sewn onto fabric in a variety of patterns. Sequin work is particularly popular on party wear and evening gowns.

In recent years, Pakistani designers have also started to experiment with new ways of incorporating mirrors into their designs. Some designers are using larger mirrors in their work, creating bold and eye-catching patterns. Others are using mirrors in combination with other materials such as beads and crystals to create intricate and unique designs.

Mirrors are also being used in new ways to create interesting effects. For example, some designers are using mirrors to create a 3D effect on their garments, while others are using reflective fabrics to create a subtle shimmer.

Overall, mirrors have become an integral part of Pakistani fashion, adding a touch of glamour and sparkle to both traditional and modern designs. From shisha work to gota patti and sequins, mirrors are used in a variety of ways to create beautiful and unique garments that are admired around the world.

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